Sunday, November 20, 2016

FR-86 Project update 50%

AE86 is being deconstructed and constructed.

Slowly getting through the box of parts. 

A couple of hours making this fit properly. 

constructed a pipe and fitted the rear bumper.

Front bumper ... not yet.

test fitting. but there's also guard liners as well. 

rough detailing on the engine bay. i'm not spending too much time.

flocked and photo realistic dash and meter panels.

and while the FR-D was on the blocks, it also received a new set of rear turnbuckles and upper arms.

Bonnet - Install RC-ART Scoop. Check!
Bonnet - Modify Scoop for Louvres. Check
Rear under tray and fuel tank Check!
Rear Fuel Cap- Open Check!
Rear Fuel Cap- Install Check!
Rear Light Buckets - Check!
Exhaust - Check
Rear Bumper Mounts x 2. Check
Rear Bumper Magnets x 2. Check
Rear Bumper Alignment. Check
Dash - Install Check
SRP Door handles - Check
Interior Panels - Check

Front Frame - Front section
Front Frame - Left & Right Frame
Front Frame - EngineBay

Alignment Underway

Front Fenders - Remove - Check
Install Frame to Doors - Check

Bonnet - Remove
Bonnet Position rear elevation spacer.
Bonnet - Magnets

Front Fenders - Magnets and Position.
Front Light Covers - Remove
Light Assembly
Front Frame Bumper supports Check

Radiator - Install
Oil Cooler - install
Hoses and engine details. Check

HPI Mirrors
Cage - JD Products Install.
Front Lights - Mount
Front Lights - Popup Mechanism or Static?
Front Bumper Combination lamp buckets x 2.
Front Bumper Magnets x 2.

Over Fenders
Rear Wing ?

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers

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