Friday, November 4, 2016

GCRCD Setup Saturday

Want sliding satisfaction? Sometimes it takes a while.

From benchmarking setups to driving techniques.

There's  always something to do @ GCRCD.

At GCRCD we start with track  maintenance. Mop and dry, then make sure our diorama setups haven't been smashed too much. Speedline CR-1 tyres are a good balance for RWD.

The MX5 requires that extra wheel height of the 2.2

I started the day attempting to drive the MO#@$$#@ER FU)(@*&$^*#&$%KING  YD-2 with Yokomo R4 tyres. What a F(*&#$%$^%ing terrible feeling.

I couldn't get balance as the edges of the tyre gripped too much making the chassis unbalanced. Moving back to CR-1 made a huge step in the right direction...

but the chassis still had a FLAT spinning transition.

Something that I simply don't like. Each end of the chassis doesn't grip. the central battery layout is like having the engine and the fuel tank of your real car in the centre.

The front of my YD-2 has a bunch of weight added to get grip up front.

And at the rear I lifted the suspension blocks and extended the shock ends for more droop, a longer shock movement. This alone did not help too much until I moved the battery.. 

But moving the battery to this position made a HUGE difference. Allowing the chassis to use it's suspension instead of rotating around the center with a low CG setup.

What an amazing difference to the feel of the chassis. I can see some new chassis plates in the build. At least a battery tray will come first.

MX5 Roadster is at the stage where a swan neck mounted GT spoiler might get the dynamics happening further. 

Comparing the YD-2 to both mine and my friend's DRB-REW. The YD-2 has got a long way to go before I get the balance similar to Our DRB-REWs

I'll be rebuilding one of mine as it's time for maintenance. 

The front servo and alloy front end. combined with the rear biased motor layout works very well.

Yellow Skyline DP also getting some tuning today. High battery machine in testing.  

And now some fun. I set up a small bridge.

With some targets to focus the driving.

It wasn't long before the guys were whipping the targets every lap.

A great session with some good outcomes and new ideas.

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