Tuesday, November 15, 2016

GCRCD - Competition Prep

Are you ready?

for battle?

First of all there's the preparation... Making sure your machine is set.

 Then you need some sighting laps.

Finding how close you can get to a wall with the rear of the car, 

and the in-clip with the front of the car.

How much angle you can get away with?

And how much is comfortable.

try some different lines.

Then ....Practice those limit pushing skills.

Each time trying harder.



And sometimes that little too far... But if you don't push in practice mode, you never know, and never feel comfortable on the edge.

And then throw in another car for battle practice.

 So we prepared a course for this weekend's Saturday Sundown Showdown SSS challenge.

 A tight slower speed lap...

with emphasis on line and proximity on the outside line. 


Then heading right across the track via a very late apex towards the next out clip. 

Exiting slow and deep from the Bride corner.

then stay to the inside short course

before opening the throttle on lap 2 with a straighter line.

Just on the edge of the curb.

from deep out to narrow  in clip  for a straight run

down the straight and a big entry to the touge.

 Exit the touge to a deep line for a return to the start line.

and an exciting last chance to attack.

SSS is Saturday Sundown Showdown. Let's have some fun.

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