Sunday, November 20, 2016


The .RSG. YD-2 has been a bit of a proof of concept. Check it out.

Over the last few weeks, I've been tinkering part time with my YD-2

The stock settings didn't really suit our surface. 

There was perhaps too much hype regarding the out of the box world beater.

I'm only now starting to see the level that a near stock plastic YD-2 can reach but I don't expect it to get any better that it currently is without starting to add money to the project and changing a bunch of things.

But that's ok, because the current level is pretty good, even though I've had to compromise a little to get it working. 

I have run this car on carpet where there is plenty of traction. I had no issues with stock settings with loads of surface grip.

However the polished concrete is always a challenge. A distinct lack of front grip from an unweighted plastic YD-2 front end was troubling. A lot of washout took a remedy.

Any other chassis will also have the same tuning development time frame OTB, so getting to this level was actually just the normal trial and error.

The biggest issue on zero grip concrete is traction. Whether that be front or rear. 

Match rear wheel speed to the surface is key with gearing

Use a responsive ESC and motor will add a lot to control.

Then matching rear geometry to tyre profile contact patch

Change front geometry and ackerman for maximizing lead wheel contact patch

Add weight in the front (for the YD-2)  for increased front contact pressure helped a lot

Move weight to aid CG transfer (helped a lot)

Adjust shock positions for easy compression

Change to softer Spring Setting and thinner oil.

increase shock length and droop (helped a lot on the YD-2)

But by far the biggest single gains came from

 High Battery Mount

Sus block spacers allowing droop. Rear toe zero, camber 2. RC-926 Ultra-Soft Oil-Near Zero WIP

Front Weight. approx 100G.

Front Sticky tyres. MST Silver / Rear is standard Topline TDT-002PE

So with the development of the YD-2 nearing completion.

I'll be making a battery mount and that's it.

Note: I'll be posting a feature on the Driftline prepared YD-2 with VX dock soon.

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