Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sliders FR-86 Project Start- Update

Estimate... 30% complete.

Pandora PAB-120 Trueno comes with an extra aero bumper. I call it the D1-2002 bumper.

Normal Style bumper took about 2 hours to cut. Each hole in that grille was a PITA!!!!

I've got fender flares also, but I think a different style of flare is necessary so I've stalled that part of the build for now. Easy to add later.

And there will definitely be a lot of later involved. Some more details here. I have Just the use for those old damper sponges.

Most people would stop here and enjoy their new body.

For me, It's almost time to start to pull it apart again.

So here's the 70% that is outstanding. Ive tried to put them in order to give me a plan.

Cage - JD Products.( Thanks for the cage!) test Fit only

Bonnet - Install RC-ART Scoop. Check!
Bonnet - Modify Scoop for Louvres. Check!

Rear under tray and fuel tank Check!
Rear Fuel Cap- Open Check!
Rear Fuel Cap- Install Check!
Rear Light Buckets - Check!

Rear Bumper Mounts x 2.
Rear Bumper Magnets x 2.
Rear Bumper Alignment.

Front Frame - Front section

Front Frame - Left & Right Frame
Front Frame - EngineBay


Install Frame to Doors
Bonnet - Remove
Bonnet Position rear elevation spacer.
Bonnet - Magnets

Front Fenders - Remove
Front Fenders - Magnets and Position.

Front Light Covers - Remove

Light Assembly

Front Frame Bumper supports

Radiator - InstallOil Cooler - install
Hoses and engine details.

Dash - Install
SRP Door handles - Coming soon.
Interior Panels
HPI Mirrors
Cage - JD Products Install.

Front Lights - Mount
Front Lights - Popup Mechanism or Static?

Front Bumper Combination lamp buckets x 2.
Front Bumper Magnets x 2.

Rear Wing ?


Stickers, Stickers, Stickers

Completion Date... ?VERY VERY UNKOWN?

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