Monday, January 7, 2013

D-Like or D-Hate

Yes, I am still at this point... because I'm frustrated and disappointed.

The D-Like 86 ZN6 main body shell is good, great even. I really like it.

But be prepared for some D-Hate.

Two areas are a disgrace to this company. Honestly, terrible.

1. Light buckets are a direct rip-off COPY of the TAMIYA light buckets. REALLY BAD!

If you didn't know this...  It would mean they would still leave a bad image as they only "Kind of Fit" this body anyway.
The body is a bit different up front AND... the detail in said light buckets is not even clean. The shapes are distorted, so even though they are copies, they are not even a decent product.

I guess for lack of alternatives, I'll try to use them after some modification.

2. Masking. If you are going to include masking for areas of the body, then at least test them.
The headlight masking seems to be made from a template for the outside (same as headlight stickers) and therefore when used on the inside of the body, the contours don't match and when stretched to "Kind of Fit" they don't stick well at all. useless. The window masking sticks, but it is about 4mm too long on front and back windows.  If I have to trim them ON the body, why even put a guide line at all.

A bit of masking tape and patience is much better.

So, I'm off to the hobby store to get some quality masking tape and do it my F^&%#$&^#%G self.

Now I can understand cost cutting, but at detriment to a great product, just omit these items or spend a little bit of time making a slight improvement and show some of your own creativity. And yes, the sticker set isn't great.

Frustrated yes.


  1. Damn, I wish I had read this before ordering mine. It was a toss up between this and an ABC Hobby 180sx. Looks like a got some work cut out for me as well =/

  2. The actual body is great.
    It's not a huge deal, Just don't expect a lot.

    Do your own masking.

    I was just venting after wasting a couple of hours... haha.

  3. Definitely glad I found this out sooner rather than later, thanks for the tips!

    I'll definitely be looking forward to how you tackle the light buckets and masking.

  4. when i painted my North Craft FC I was shocked they didnt include window masks. In the end it was probably for the best since I cant ever line-up the window masks anyway..

    I wound up using liquid mask and just making the best of it.


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