Friday, January 4, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-DP SSG OD 2.0 - Check Point

 RE-Xtreme RE-DP SSG OD 2.0 2013 Checkpoint.

Now that my shakedown is complete and everything is working well, I'm just documenting the final spec of the chassis.

Yokomo Drift Package
Yokomo SSG chassis conversion

Yokomo Imadoki SSG rear suspension tower.
Yokomo Imadoki Battery Holder
Yokomo Blue Alloy Shaft
Yokomo FCD 2.0x Gear set
Yokomo Alloy Rear drive set.
Yokomo Front One Way Bearing
Yokomo DPM Alloy front steering knuckle
Yokomo DPM Alloy Steering Arm set.
Yokomo DPM Lower Castor Set 7 Degree.
Yokomo Alloy Suspansion mounts. FF 0 deg / RR 2.0deg
Yokomo Team Suzuki Alloy Suspension Arms - Polished
Yokomo Team Suzuki 55 Degree front CV Joints and Axle set
Yokomo White Ball End Set
Yokomo Titanium turnbuckles
Team Bomber Blue Alloy rear turnbuckles
Team Bomber Front bumper plate
RC Art front Bumper
TN Racing Main Drive Gear Shaft set
Overdose gear case set Front 
Overdose gear case set Rear
Overdose Antenna holder
Overdose Servo Horn
Tamiya Servo Saver
Custom Carbon Servo mount.
Yokomo SS dampers - De-anodized and Polished
Active Slow rebound damper pistons front
Kazama Height adjustable damper tops
RC926 twin spring sets
RC926 3mm wheel hub spacer
Wrap Up Next Wheel Nuts
Eagle Racing Body Mount set
Eagle Racing Fan set.
TN Racing Blue screws and Screw mounts.

Keyence Tachyon
Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T
Active Motor Heat sink for Luxon
Blue Motor Wire
Spur 88
Pinion 20

Sanwa BL-SRG servo
Sanwa MT-4 4ch Receiver
RFi 3300mAh 20C battery

Steering angle yet to be finalised, but around 50 degree is the current setting.

Yokomo Shock Specs are


Team Losi Oil : 60
Active Slow Damper Piston
White Spacer twin O-ring
RC926 Soft x 1, Super Soft x1
Kazama Height Top

Team Losi Oil : 20
Yokomo Piston 3 Hole
White Spacer twin O-ring
RC926 Ultra Soft x 2
Kazama Height Top

 Performance is great with Yokomo 02 tyres and Wheels are currently +9 13 degree front and 7 degree rear camber.


  1. May I ask where can I get your RC Art front Bumper?
    Or what's its item number?
    Thank you!

    1. Sorry, actually I mean the Team Bomber Front bumper plate.


      All team bomber parts are here.

      I order from Super Rajicon usually.

  2. Hey I see you have the white spacer for 2 o-rings in the dampers. Whats your experience with them? I have gotten them a few weeks ago too, but I have not yet installed them.

  3. I wanted to reduce the play to the angle of the shaft in the dampers and reduce leakage.

    They seem to be better than the single black o-ring and the black guide. But don't eliminate play that much.

    Actually, if I were rebuilding dampers again, I'd try the Overdose hi-spec (low tolerance) piston set that have almost no play.
    I only saw them for Tamiya, but they now make them for Yokomo too.

    I haven't tried the titanium coated shafts either. I don't know if the external diameter is exactly the same.

  4. Looking good russ, is that wiring still WIP? :P

  5. Servo wires need securing, but honestly, I'll probably never get around to it. haha.

    I could almost hard wire the ESC and motor. they are so close.
    But I like the swooping looping wires.

    And they fit the DRB as a spare.

  6. Awesome !! Where can we found Team Bomber parts ? Super Rajicon? Do they ship in Europe ?

  7. Team Bomber are a small Japanese company.

    You can only get them through Japanese shops or exporters based in Japan.

    I believe Super Rajicon ship anywhere.

  8. i see on the front there's no c-hubs how dit you do that mod?


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