Thursday, January 31, 2013

"F"reaking "C"ool!

FC appreciation. Sometimes, it's nice to finish the details.


 I had a few issues with my R-Magic style round FD lights fitted in the blue FC, so I changed them for some single BN sports rectangulars. Although they aren't in the exact places.

The result with the corners opened up is pretty good. I'm still deciding if I want to paint the bumper light recesses black also. 

At the back, I spent some time with a brass tube and made my own dump pipe.

 But there's a lot of holes I still want to cut in this body. I ave to trim out all the fender recesses and bumper holes than add mesh to all of them. It's a "project".

Overall, the BN-Sports Samurai FC is still Rockin. these Mesh rims look great too.

I also refreshed the Pan Speed FC to get it back up to scratch for sale.

I added some new Yokomo light buckets from the blue car and I added some Pan Speed mirrors instead of the not so durable Craft Square versions. 

While body line tape is ok on the sides of cars... it rarely stays around on the front and rear.

 I refitted the rear wing  and changed a couple of stickers. But she still looks awesome.


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