Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - Report.

For the first time in 6 years I missed the Tokyo Auto Salon. Luckily my friend quickly took a few shots during his busy schedule at Tomei.

This should give you an idea of just how many cars Yokomo make these days.


Every year they add 2 or three to the list.

Last year was the mark X and Laurel, this year it's 86 86

and the new long wheelbase Mark X, JZX and Crown.

You need the new LWB 275mm DIB or DPM for these.  I'm not sure how popular they will be as yet.

I had to blow this photo up a bit ti show the Orido 86. It already seems to be a much more pleasing shape than the HKS version. The plastic parts kit for this is going to be in demand with the rear wing and mirrors. As will be the light kit once Yokomo get it up for sale. 

 Tamiya usually don't have a big presence. Just their bunch of BRZ/86 versions.

 Testsujin had a few cars on display.


and a Pandora MarkX

These work rims from Street Jam should be available soon. These have the interchangeable faces like previous designs.

Kazama also had a bunch of stuff, but we missed the photos... I have some Front knuckles coming though...

Big thanks to Allen for these shots.


  1. Ahw man, wish he would've taken a picture of the Tetsujin car from the other side. There's a HUGE wreckitsideways sticker on there haha :)

    Did you get the crazy new knuckels from Kazama? I want a set of those aswell, perfect for a posican type-c suspension.

  2. Not, me on the camera.
    That's probably why they showed this side... haha.

    I have issues with crazy camber, I'm only running 41mm shafts, so I thought it may be good with the Yokomo lower block (instead of the Overdose items) and adjustable knuckles to get the turn radius a little smaller rather than the huge spacers I usually run on widebody cars.

    They won't be in my hands for a while, so I won't be giving feedback straight away.

  3. Nice.. What is the body color of that rx-7 fc3s team samurai project? Was that blue or blue violet or some combination??

  4. I'm not sure of the colour sorry.


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