Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Session - 13-1-13.

It was great to get back on some carpet.

I had sooo much fun yesterday, I forgot to take so many pics as usual.

This is an outdoor RC track in South Brisbane, Australia. It was a bit dusty and bumpy to start, but as the day progressed it tuned into a clean smooth and more importantly FUN track.

Met a lot of guys and played for a good 4-5 hours.

Some nice scars on the door, shows how close we could run.

Hi Ho Silver! the hachi performed very well. 

As did the other guys in attendance.

Slide Slide Slide.

As the sun fell I grabbed some panic photos before the sun disappeared completely.

After these shots I brought out the Missile FD with active lights, and we tried to go night mode in the moon light.

Fernando's S15 getting monstered by "Disco" Mark's 180

High CS for these guys, 2.3+ means the cars look great with constant lock.

JDM flavour for sure

Gaps were good.

These shots were not really prepared for.

 Running with "the boss" was fun too. Thanks Red.

The dirty mule spent some time in the wall, but the chrome paint fared surprisingly well.

I just wish I lived a bit closer. Maybe soon.


  1. Great shots mate! More shots and a video soon of this day are available at my blog too. a few of your shells there too. :)

  2. Thanks,
    It's good to get your cars in action, isn't it?
    As you know, as a photographer rarely sees his own in action.

    Night drift was awesome.

    1. So true!

      The video is up and it has a little bit of night footage of the missile FD in it. Shame the camera was having trouble focusing in the low light. In future we will have some lighting, maybe you can stop by again for some night time drifts.


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