Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RE-86 6666 Update - Plan B

PLAN B! I guess it's OK.  The chrome D-Like RE-86 6666 version.

Here is why PLAN B. ALL the Tamiya paints I have bought in Australia have been terrible.

They are actually labelled very differently than Japanese paints for use in America. They don't "react" with each other either.

I have never had these results in Japan. The paint just doesn't stick and penetrate onto Clean / Washed polycarbonate. It could be the Polycarbonate on Pandora / D-like Shells.  Maybe they use a strange release agent that takes lots of washing, but I don't think so.

I think it's the paint. The chrome I used as a backup, went on perfectly as a different brand.

This is plain black. you can see it just bubbles onto itself. really really bad.
This happened on my Missile RX7 also. but being a missile I didn't care.

Anyway, It's looking different.

So I'll just go with the plan I had prepared for in Japan.

I had prepared for a Tamiya BRZ body or another 86, so I guess I will choose soon.

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  1. i think this happened to me too...thank goddness i used dark purple paint backed with black but im going to use really light coats on my rx-7...i want it to be my best one yet.I plan on posting the build on driftmission so keep an eye out


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