Saturday, January 12, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-86 6666 Typhoon / Tsunami

Here is a quick comparison of two special machines.

Head to head, there is so much that's different, It may take a while to explain.

Blue car - RE-Xtreme RE-86 Tsunami Spec :
Tamiya 86 + Speed Way Pal 10mm Fenders + Yokomo Gt500 HSV wing.

Chrome Car - RE-Xtreme RE-86 6666 Typhoon Spec :
D-Like ZN6 + Tamiya HSV rear wing.

Side Profile - Tamiya's body is simply too high, too fat and too short.

Plan View: The width was evident as soo as I began building the Tamiya car. the front windscreen is 10mm wider than the d-like machine, while the rear is surprisingly similar.

Window Shapes: The way the side windows are near vertical on the Tamiya is strange for me visually. 

Width and Angles: The front of the Tamiya 86 is scale, but creates a huge flat area. The length has been removed from the Tamiya body, behind the rear wheel and window, but the stumpy image is something that took me a while to come to terms with. Now I dee them side by side, the D-Like body shape is much more appealing.

Frontal Area. This is one area that the detail on the Tamiya body is good. The D-Like body gains length in the front, but I feel this lower lip is a little forward. It looses some scale detail here.

Headlight imagery: On par for both. the D-Like body literally copied the Tamiya buckets, and they don't fit by a good 2-3 mm. that's a big difference in scale terms.

Fender action.

I've added the 10mm fenders to the Tamiya body. so it's now about 200mm wide.
D-like is still 190 but there is definitely space.

Square or Smooth? Take your pick.

Overall: both cool. but both different. D-Like shape I love, but the body material is not up to par. It's a tough choice.

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