Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sleepy FC

Here is a little look at body I supplied a while back.

Rob's FC is based on the North Craft FC3s Rx7 body.

The lines of which are based on the RE-Amemiya Body kit for the '89 Kouki Model FC3s.

With hard to paint, built in wing and a lot of detail. For a dedicated enthusiast, I supplied some Yokomo accent parts, light buckets, 

And an tech interior, with my decal set similar to that used in my own North Craft FC.

From someone who considers them self a beginner when it comes to painting and making shells, the results are still pretty awesome. (just ignore the placement of FC door-handle.)

Perfect for ripping up his HUGE driveway with friends.


  1. is the evo mounted on the tc-fd ??

  2. Hey!
    check out rm2kdevs new game demo, he's got it running on
    IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and PC
    the video see on you-tube........

  3. First thank you for the love russ!

    Second Wow I'm going to have to pull the door handles and fix my little blooper... you would figure stairing at fc's for hours would lend itself to me knowing where the door handles are haha

    Yes the evo is mounted on a tc-fd :)

    1. i've seen it on YT
      swiffer cam vid awesome :)

  4. haha,

    Yes, sometimes we get carried away in the excitement.

    1. they are fixed now, just gotta get some new pics with the light kit installed.


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