Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RE-86 6666 Update - Plan B Chrome

 RE-86 6666...  How is this people? Awesome or Awesome?

You can see the finish on a Pandora / D-like body far from perfect, but the shape's pretty cool.

The whole body has this imperfection in the polycarb. But I am past complaining now. I'll just press on and complete this for an awesome overall look.

It's like a mirror!

BRZ or 86? It will probably get the 86 stickers. Bride interior also to go in.


  1. Hey send me a link or site to get this please :)

  2. just check my facebook page, i've posted it a million times.

  3. I really like plan b. Looks great and really shows off the details.

  4. where do you get the brz sticker sheets?


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