Thursday, January 10, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-86 6666 Typhoon Spec

Today, I almost finished up the Typhoon 86.

Job list...

Light Bucket Paint,
Lights Bucket customise,
Lights Install,
Bumper install,
Wing customise and install
Wipers install
mirrors install
Dash install and steering wheel
Interior install.
Muffler make

to do..

Muffler install.
Body lines.
Velcro Mounting.
 Final clearance trim

The chrome is awesome. It really matches my typhoon spec sticker set.

It reflects anything.

The overall effect is very cool. A little different from the FAT tamiya shells, this has a nicer proportion.

 I'll need to trim a few things once I mount it up in the final position.

The Speed way pal rims are nice, but they are not the final selection.

I'll be using these Mikuni GL Ultimate.

I'll mount this up on the Silver and Black DRB tomorrow.

But I'm still a little dissappointed in this body. There have been too many things I had to do myself.

And the windows are so fuzzy I can't see anything inside. Interiors are a waste of time.


It will shakedown tomorrow and debut on Sunday.  Looking great.


  1. U did it again! Very cool looking 86. Btw, how are you gonna do the panel lines? Please show some tutorial. Cheers!

  2. Looks great. Good that you aren't using the SWP wheels, as I've the body with the wheels already at home :P


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