Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Session - 13-1-13 with SicKaZ!

Check more of my day out over at  Typhoon 6666 86 and Tsunami 86s along with the night mode Missile FD and more of the other guys in action.

I love this video too... Thanks!

The DRB and FD Missile combo with my light battery was awesome at night. It was actually much darker than the video shows. I was really learning the track's groove and not wanting to stop.

Sorry guys, you can see the speed difference on the Blue Hachi / Drift Package SSG running the wrong compound tyre.


  1. Wow, i didnt realise you were up brisbane way, love drifting on that track with ridwan and the boys, epicly good for really high counter-steer ratios.

  2. I was just up for the afternoon. Great hit out after 3 months of nothing.

    Very different to what I am used to, but fun fun fun.

    I usually post where I'll be on the sidebar...>>

  3. awww, where are you usually hiding then :(

  4. I'm temporarily down Lismore / Northern Rivers way.
    I'll be up again sometime.

  5. HELLO mr Rush can you please tell me the music?it is awesome

  6. Not my video...

    Please contact


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