Thursday, January 3, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-6666-86 Trimming - Tutorial

Here is the first step in trimming a new body. Look at it for a while.

 Find all the details and how and where it's all going to be cut.

Look at the headlights etc. These D-Like lights are direct copies of the Tamiya versions only not as good in the quality department. 

This body has a separate rear bumper with a built in diffuser. 

And very basic light detail in the limited sticker set.

Anyway knowing what you need to do is an essential step.

Step 2. NO SCISSORS!!!!!!!!

Get yourself  a super sharp hobby blade. 
Lightly score the lines you want to trim.  

Do this twice. Where the corners are, the polycarbonate will be thinner, so the blade my slice through, so be careful with pressure. you can see above that the lines are already coming away.

 Where the corners are like this, make the incision from the corner outwards, it's very easy to go to far. But DON'T CUT THE LINE ALL THE WAY!! Just cut a tiny bit to make the line start. I didn't go any further than shown above.

because once the line is scored, you can FOLD along the line and it will PEEL away like a banana skin. Smooth!

You can see how easy it is. It takes seconds, if you have prepared well.

you end up with an amazing piece. You can clean up the lines later with the same methods and a bit of "slicing".

Anyway, This is an off cut. Think about the shapes. What can I use this for?

 I think it will be the dash.

So just to recap.

1. Look at the body and plan ahead.
2. Score the entire body taking care around edges.
3. Peel

Note, trim on a soft surface if you can, to prevent scratches. I use a table place mat.

This could cause a disaster. peeling follows the deepest cut usually, so just go over this section again making sure your blade follows a clean edge.

Peels smoothly when done correctly.

this is the ONLY time I used the knife after I started peeling. I had to cut the small horizontal edge bafore I could continue. 

You end up with something like this.

That is trimmed perfectly.

Sit back and admire.

I will add some more detail, like opening up some holes and trimming the side skirts again, but basically, I'm done.

Any more tutorials?


  1. This is exactly how I do it to, only I use a fine line marker to draw the lines where it needs to be cut so I don't get lost when the shapes are complex. Also as a tip I would say that you should never peel the lexan away to fast. If you come to a spot where the scoring isn't deep enough and you keep trying to peel it you might rip the lexan and damage the body. Especially in the wheelwells this happens quickly. I use a big 18mm breakaway knife with a fresh blade. I find it has a better grip so I can steer the blade better than with a sharp hobbyknife/scalpel.

    The nice thing about cutting with a knife instead of scissors is that it only needs very minimal sanding afterwards. Most cuts will be very clean and straight :)

  2. Tizer, Thats true. Peeling Slowly and being prepared is the key.

    I ripped one point on this body where the rear light curves to the bumper. Stupid.
    But I saved it.

    I trim on a black background, so the lines are quite visible.
    having good lighting is important too.

  3. What rear wing and mount set is on the body?

  4. Eagle Racing Mounts... not great..
    Rear Wing is Tamiya Honda HSV10 Super GT wing Customized


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