Thursday, January 3, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-DP SSG OD 2.0 - Shakedown

Finally, my Drift Package is ready. This is no plastic TUB.

The final piece arrived today, an Imadoki rear tower bar.( team bomber - no stock)

Got angle. the steering is set up to be incredibly quick.

I need to change the steering turnbuckles for a little more toe out. but for shakedown it's ok.

everything tucks very nicely into this chassis.

It really is very central. I'm using a crap RFI 20c 3300mAh lipo with imadoki holders.

old tyres 13deg camber dialed in and that chassis view is cool.

Driving review....

Awesome. I'd forgotten how wild a 2.0 CS chassis can be. Fast- NO but slideable YES.

However in my haste to test 5 minutes, I'd forgotted that I'd only temporarily built the chassis in early December.
the result...

loose universals and grub screws, causing a few bits of damage to the team suzuki axles and yokomo hubs already. WA HAHA FUNNY = CRY!

And the rear droop screws shook loose in the alloy, so I had a bit of squat on the rear. haha.

But I'm happy, the drift package SSG is exactly what I was after. It's a fun machine on the asphalt.
Heavy and controllable, high ride height and I can see a great amount more flexibility that my DRB.



  1. Hey Russel, where did you get your Bomber parts from? I'm looking for the bottomdeck for the DRB, as it looks like the best option to add some flex.

  2. I got the team bomber front bumper holder from RC Champ while I was in Japan.
    But stock is very limited in stores. It was just lucky the SSG one was on the shelf.

    Try Super Rajicon, they were easiest to deal with.

    Team Bomber pretty much sells out their limited production runs directly to stores. So unless they have unsold stock in small stores, I'm not sure you'd get one from the manufacturer directly.

    I tried to get the Drift package sus mounts but they were sold out days after release.

    I think the HT chassis for the DRB will be the same, if not better. It flexes a LOT more than the stock DRB chassis and you can run 91T Spur through the cutout.
    Stock is 86.
    The Team bomber chassis was made before the HT came out.

    I see them sometimes on yahoo auction only.

  3. Looking at the Team Bomber chassis I see alot more holes and its made from a 2mm plate. Not sure what the thickness is of the High Traction plates. Almost nobody here runs them so I have not had one in my hands yet. Even the Yokomo sponsored driver doesn't have one. Maybe I should just convince him to get one and hope he doesn't like it so I can get it haha :)

  4. Looks amazing russ!!! Glad it worked out how you wanted


    The gearboxes keep this pretty quiet for a drift package too.
    Usually they are noisy pigs.
    But I like it.
    Just got to build it properly. hahaha.


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