Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hidai Maru S14 - Samurai Spec

With recent D1 teams pumping out 1000+hp, I thought the S14 was due for some Drift Samurai influence.

Not much has changed, just the addition of a big FO Yokomo GT wing with custom end plates.  

The result gives the S14 a massive presence when mounted on the Uras Drag wing. 

This body is now seriously LONG and the overhang aft of the rear wheels will definitely require some adjustment to line when sliding along walls.

But It just screams... BIG POWER!

Ive also mounted the new Willy inside this machine. He matches well with the interior in this car.

The dash is a little high right now, but I'll adjust that to get things in the right position. The light through the sunroof also allows for easy visibility.

I like the effect drivers have inside RC cars. They really add to the realism (even if this one is a bit oversize.)

Ive made a sliding clamp mount on the SSG Drift package.  

I decided to run these SWP wheels. I had to modify the centre to fit the wrap up next nuts. New battery all ready for a test.

I imagine this machine runs a N1 block RB26DET with T04-Z like Kuma's laurel. Yummy!


  1. Ooh, I really like the GT wing on the URAS drag wing!

  2. sideskirts looks off but anyhow it looks good:)


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