Thursday, February 7, 2013

RE-Xtreme DIB 275 Chassis Donor.

What you see here, is the starting point for my 275mm DIB conversion, but does it look all right?

Purchased from Japan, the chassis itself is a Yokomo DIB red version, running a rear engine BID configuration. This typically aids rear traction and is something I will sample before dis-assembly.

I'll be adding the new 275 chassis and upperdeck so it should work out fine. 

Yokomo options include
Front one-way,
7degree alloy hubs and knuckles,
front bumper weight

Yokomo omissions include battery clamp and esc holder. (yet to be confirmed.)

The HPI battery mount is a necessary item in this config, however a normal battery clip will eventually need to be fitted.

Here is the solution for the front bumper mount on the reversed chassis. Sometimes, the BID drills a couple of holes in the chassis.

CS ratio is yet to be determined, however controlled by reduction gears on the main shaft rather than the FCD axle. Seems to be around 20T and 12T gear set resulting in somewhere around 1.8 CS
Bonus items in this used chassis are the electronics.

Speed Passion 10.5 T, Keyence Tachyon I will use, But I'll be looking to swap the Futaba S9550 servo for a sanwa item and receiver.

Overdose servo horn and spur holder are negligible items, but finish the chassis nicely and it's always good to have wheels and tyres.

The purchase included this AE86 that I've featured before in my Street Jack Posts. 

The guys from Hobby Garage in Japan can feel happy that their chassis has gone to a good home in Australia.

Anyone need a cool AE86?


  1. This setup reminds me of a Sprint 2, just a high end version lol. Lookin' forward to your thoughts on the conversion. You think you'll retain the layout on your 275mm conversion if you like how it handles?

  2. I think I'll try a lot of different stuff on this monster. I think it should keep me satisfied for quite a LONG while.

    Options are endless with different CS ratios and configurations.
    DIB - normal
    DIB - 275

    Currently this has a latitudinal battery so the I=inline doesn't really apply.
    I'll call it.
    BLD - normal
    BLD - 275

    I can run the inline battery for another 2 combos
    BID - Normal
    BID - 275

    All combos with a 3/4 or full size battery too.

    Fun times ahead.

  3. There will be a price attached, make me an offer.

  4. Wow! Thats one seriously awesome donor! I really like it! Almost a shame to use it as a donor.

    Let me know what you think of the Dokyo motor. I'm supported by Speedpassion but I don't think Speedpassion Europe(Germany) can get the Dokyo motors. Keyence ESC is always a good bonus!

    (btw, oneway is stock on a DIB)

    If you are selling the 9550 let me know what you want for it ;) The AE86 is cool too, so a price on that is welcome too but I fear that the shippingcosts might make it too expensive.

    1. Well I do want to sell the servo for sure.

      I am Sanwa bound. The response on the Sanwa syncronized brushless servos is awesome.

      I need another Sanwa Receiver and Servo.

      Ahhhh... gotta fund that somehow. Shipping to your part of the world is expensive. the last body i sent was about 45AUD without any tracking. 78!!!!!! express with tracking !!!! crazy

  5. Damn that AE86 is awesome!
    Spotted that on an ameblo blog couple days ago.

    1. I have actually seen this chassis and body in Person when I was in Japan.
      It's good to know it's only had carpet use.

      Should be perfect.

  6. Thats too funny. I was watching this for a while and was wobdering who bought it lol.

    1. I missed it once. Luckily I still manage to get it for the low price.

  7. Replies
    1. Stock DIB Red Version. Reverse direction.


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