Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RE-Xtreme DIB SS

Today I spent a little time installing some new parts. The main one being the Model Garage Stainless Steel Screw set.

This provides a studded armor  look to the machine. I also de-anodized a few blue parts including my new front castor blocks and this steering turnbuckle. I re-installed some lunsford turnbuckles and black ball ends to remove the impact of White.

For a simple way to de-anodize, visit Sickaz

So now it's easy to see the screws and locate them for maintenance.  You can see how even with a little tightening the yokomo plastic parts compress. I'll have to do this at a later date when the budget allows.

Rear hubs are in.

I am also going to use these magnetic body mounts for my long wheel base bodies on the DIB. Ill wire up the LED wire to these too. But they will be installed when the bodies are done.

For now I'll run posts and use the only body I have with post holes. The Pan Speed FC.

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