Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kojima AE86

This awesome AE86 is direct from Japan.

Kojima-san is a drift enthusiast and his real adventures have translated into this detailed beast. Placed on my DRB in a similar style to his original with My Tamiya Willy driver. These are a good match size wise.

Windows removed for feel. Deep dish Speed Way Pal Slidemaster FM +10 wheels add impact. fitted with 3mm + 1mm spacer for great image. Note this is a Yokomo Hayashi Levin. the side skirts have been removed and a flat plate stuck in place.

This is a good representation of a rough AE86. Wrap up next grill and light details are awesome.

the finish is quite good. Matt spray completes the bumpers and body colour. 

Side Skirts are de-trimmed and flat panel re-affixed for that realistic curve. Doors reveal some realistic tyre clash.

Rear detail is also cool with wrap up next light detail. Rear skirts are trimmed and the body is finished with 4 LED up front and 2 in the rear.

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