Saturday, February 2, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-Park

Where is this image taken? RE-Xtreme's RE-Parking and Drift Area

For a minimal investment, I have created enough space to test my cars before I head to a track. That should maximise my drift time and not my setup time. In time it might get some diorama touches and a bit bigger.

I know it's small, but it's still fun. I can move the sections for slight variation  and I can always add to it later. I took the philosophy of a Slot car type track i can plug together.

But even if I only use it for photographs, I'll be happy.

I've already run three batteries through my ultra-small track. I'll be changing setups in my own space and time. I've already got the drift package much better.

It works pretty well with the 86. Even more weight on this body and a heavier battery making this grip but hold counter.

I swapped the bodies around. this is the FC on the DRB. A few tweaks and it's back to good balance.

See you at the track... hehe.

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  1. What kind of carpet do you use for drift tracks? Could it be rolled up and put in a closet?


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