Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hidari Maru S14 - Samurai - Balance

Lets look at the front of the S14. A little balance to the machine.

The first thing i tried was extending the lip spoiler on an angle to match the side skirts.

While this was effective, the rocket Bunny Bumper still was a little small underneath the over-fenders and other body parts.

So I found some old materials and set about crafting some huge Time Attack style canards.

The result is exactly what I had envisaged.

This OTT (over the top) machine just got even more awesome.

The rear view still commands respect but the front now has some balance in downforce terms.

The side profile is equally effective in keeping the LOOK!

 So the combination of extending the lip spoiler and adding these canards, should in effect balance out the rear downforce. Hmm Maybe even some harder springs might be in order.

 I still have a few small plans for this machine. but for now.

It's slide time!

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