Sunday, February 10, 2013


It's not Daikoku. It's not Shibaura. It's not Hakozaki or Yaesu. It's not Tatsumi, but it is the RE-Xtreme PA. 

If you have a fast car in Japan, there's always been that drawcard of the Tokyo landscape that is the Shutoko Highway system. 

The Wangan Bayside Route is really the place for 800+hp, these two are Wangan fodder.

Supra 800hp... fifth gear...  It's an experience in itself.

But if you like curves, then the C1 used to be THE place. It's been virtually stopped except the truely hardcore.

 Mix of tight and open corners with huge changes in elevation.

And the odd high speed section on the "9". but if you want to see these cars up close you need to stop at a PA.

The Wangan route brings you to Daikoku near Yokohama.

Shibaura or Tatsumi are at the other end near Tokyo and this is where you find the Shuto C1 Racers. You can tell the hard chargers, by the amount of stone chips in the bumpers. This usually means travelling close behind cars with sport tyres at speed. Just a few corners is enough to tell who is quicker, but if you find a par challenge, a tank of gas may disappear quickly.

Anyway, the PA's always a place to gather and enjoy car talk and admire tuning culture.

You do need a place to "cool off" and recharge. Maybe a Can Coffee or Coke, But this is also where you can see your competitor's cars.

While my own little PA doesn't really resemble the Japanese Parking Area... Yet, There is a focus that over time I may come to replicate.

Currently my flags and barriers are more race track than PA, but I think it will change.

 Any place you can get a realistic feel just makes photography better.

Re-finished TE37's worked well with the Spice tyres on the drift package. These have the lowest grip of any carpet tyre I've tried, so my small area doesn't need speed.

I spent today working on my Drift Package setup. It's finally starting to behave like my DRB. It took a while and some trial and error, but now the chassis reacts to tiny changes in suspension. A good point to be at.

I'll be testing more at the PA regularly.


  1. Do you have a file with D1 Grand Prix (windshield/door)decals?

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    1. Please contact me at
      Maybe we can sort something out.

  3. Love the photos from Japan.

  4. How strict are the cops in Japan? It seems to be pretty chill over there.


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