Sunday, February 3, 2013

Taka13Bt FC3s Update

I'm really getting attached to this FC3s. Built for me by a friend in Japan in a short time. I'm slowly getting it exactly how I want it.

Today, I used my new dremel and went to work opening up some holes (more to come for FMIC.)...

And reshaped the rear wing so it looks perfect.

 Roughly opened up the sides and ...

went to work on the rear.

Still have some clean up, but I like the image a little better now. really cool.

By the way, I like having the carpet parking area inside and out. 


  1. Thank you !
    DORIZARU Sticker ^^

  2. Taka,
    They are great! I used a lot.
    This body has many Japan memories.

    Cutting Sheet with small detail... Tween takes a long time... Thank You!


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