Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Twin Willy Detail.

Recently, I updated my driver profile.

A BIG shout out to Danny for supplying the second Willy. Only the White helmet is "installed" in this DRB chassis. The Silver guy will go into the Drift Package or the DIB.

I painted up an Alpine Stars-style race suit and gloves. I still need to detail the helmets but the effect is good so far.

The White one has an arm that pumps in the air and a turning head (although mini servos are not installed right now.)

The Silver guy is just static. He also has the Alpine suit, but I went for a silver helmet and made a movable visor for him. 

I'm liking the results.

These drivers come from the "Suzuki Jimny".or Wheelie Bus
 other options are the Wild Willy of course with full body and  Fast Attack Vehicle
Sand Rover and 4x4 driver.


  1. If you ever need more WildWilly's, they sell them new over here. Plenty in stock :)

  2. That's good to know.

    I'll need one more to complete the three chassis set.


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