Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RE-Xtreme RE-BID OD 1.8 - 1st Impression

Don't be confused... this is a strange machine. Yokomo DIB base converted to "BID or DIB-R"

Today's excitement... woo hoo! the Arrival. let's check out my new / used machine

Today's Dilemma. I'm waiting for my new receiver to have a complete set. however for today's testing...
Q:Which machines will have to sacrifice their receiver and items for testing?
A: Wheels from the DRB, Receiver from the DP.

So with items roughly installed, Lets have a look around the BID. Yokomo front bumper weight is cool! the Yokomo C hubs upgrades are 7 deg castor. Front one-way is there too so there's a nice red-ness to the front.

Front is back remember, so an aluminum plate is bolted to the rear(now front) chassis to support the bumper. This has the effect of adding 1.5 mm of anti dive to the front.  

To counter this the front (and rear) suspension mounts are inverted to bring the suspension level again for more anti-dive.

Steering is Futaba S9550 Brushless servo. It seems to be "just adequate" with the Sanwa MT-4. One thing I didn't notice was that this was "Shoo goo" glued into position. A more elegant solution could have been found, but I'm not disappointed. The price I paid for this chassis and electrics more than overcomes any downsides.

Behind that you can see the custom tensioner for the front belt. It could do with a flanged pulley for better placement.

Here you can see the rearward motor position and the pulley config. Speed Passion Dokyo10.5T  seems strong enough.

Here is the back ( front chassis) with 1.3 cs gear effectively 1.8 with pulley. inverted 2.0 mount and a fairly neutral alignment.

So there you have it. My soon to be dismantled BID. But before that... test it.

So how does it ride? Well pretty good as expected.  I swapped my receiver and just sat it on top. you will note the HPI batter clamp holds the Inline battery Laterally in place. So this is a BLD? Who knows... It's a fine chassis with great balance.

My initial tests on my PA carpet sees a great chassis. Different to how I like my chassis to behave, it has a little tendancy to understeer, but that is ONLY due to the lack of downforce from a body.  It's very stable and predictable with a little toe in at the back. 

Very nicely balanced chassis and nice Oversteerable image.

So while I'm sure anyone would be more than happy with their DIB converted to BID. BLD. or DLB-R or whatever. This also saves the spur on the bonnet issue. I'll be putting this chassis plate and battery mount up for sale soon, so you can try it for yourself.

ps. I also tried this setup with grippy tyres and traction is amazing.

Remember this chassis will become my DIB275 long wheelbase conversion once my FCD 2.0 and belts arrive. But first... I'll change it around and test the normal DIB configuration.


  1. That is like an expensive HPI sprint.

  2. Never tried a HPI sprint.

    I like the config, But It's already dismantled.

  3. Front kickup is pro-dive, not anti-dive. LMAO

  4. No... increasing the height of the FF bar will induce Anti-dive.

    But what I meant to say was that this has a lot of anti-dive, so the FR bar was inverted to make less anti-dive. but it is not pro-dive.
    There still remains some anti-dive characteristics.


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