Saturday, February 16, 2013

RE-Xtreme Battery Labels

I've got some batteries that are finally starting to look respectable.

I think you'll agree, the RFI label is not a cohesive design. there are 5 different fonts on my 3300 and a total of 10 different fonts on the 4000 battery. So I simply made a sticker for the front and all my batteries will now be similar.

The only thing I am concerned with is the amp setting, so I simply enlarged that. I also have two more coming, so you can see that those are prepared and ready. 

Without professional quality paper that I used to be able to obtain in Japan, I found I can print on cheaper adhesive paper from Avery or similar, then add school book type (0.1mm) covering to protect the paper finish and cut to size. The result is still very good.


  1. How to you make stickers like these? Do you have someone make them for you or do you make them yourself?

  2. I am skilled in the art of graphic design.
    I produce these myself.

    I don't have a lot of the tools and print media that I had in Japan available to me, so I make do with alternatives.


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