Friday, February 15, 2013


Time for a slight website upgrade. Just a little splash of colour and a new logo variation. I have three Japanese words I use to designate my Chassis Specifications. Tsunami, Typhoon and Samurai.

Typhoon is used for Gun Metal or Raw Metal inspired by the cyclonic power of the hurricane.

Tsunami is used for Blue Alloy inspired by the oceans power.

Samurai is used for Red Alloy inspired by the lacquer on the powerful Samurai armor.

Currently my three chassis in the build match these specifications.

RE-DRB CSG OD 1.5 Typhoon Spec Belt Drive Competition Drift Chassis
RE-DP SSG OD 2.0 Tsunami Spec Shaft Drive Exhibition Drift Chassis
RE-DIB SSG 275 OD 1.8 Samurai Spec Belt Drive Exhibition Drift Chassis ... coming soon.

Complete the set.

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