Thursday, February 14, 2013

RE-DIB-275 Inspiration

These images appeared in RC World over the last couple of months.
They serve as inspiration for my 275 build.

The left side chassis is Takahiro's Championship red DIB that is mostly plastic.
The right side chassis is Hiroshi's new 275mm blue DIB that is mostly alloy.

Both chassis are using the new Team Suzuki lower arms. Traction up. 

Red, SSG chassis has been made extremely flexible. the upper deck has been cut to weaken the lateral stiffness. Traction Up. The slits in the lower deck have also been extended. Traction Up. A crazy link suspension that I don't understand is installed to allow for the chassis to roll while still leaving maximum contact patch. Traction Up. Front is a type C mod.

Blue. Conventional layout with Alloy Upgrade 1&2 plus the alloy servo mount. Rear most battery position. Traction Up. Inline components for balance. Front has new 10deg alloy lower block 

So I hope these ideas get you thinking as much as I am.

My current chassis is BID rear motor config.

I am loving the long chassis with the short battery layout and the slim chassis it creates. I have the option of a transverse battery layout with Hpi or Yokomo DRB mount. Short or long pack.
The options are endless for this chassis.

Who knows what I will eventually settle on.

Testing will be done. eventually.


  1. australian hobbyking warehouse not carrying the turnigy nanotech shorty's? Me and my teammate use them and I love them :)

    I have a bunch of stuff on order for a simple link suspension mod. Theres so many mods out there I would like to try so I understand them better. Too bad a lot of the parts they use are hard to find and/or expensive :(

  2. Replies
    1. which packs are they? i am having trouble finding them on the hobbyking website.

  3. Takahiro's suspension mod eliminates the all suspension travel except roll. Works on smooth surfaces very well. Almost no countersteer visible. During Yokomo world's he competed against a Drift Master with cutted upper deck, but from suspension more stock. Actually it looked the Drift Master had more traction. Quite different setups, both lead to the finals.
    Also interesting is Mr.Bagy's chassis ;)

  4. i used to run a DRB in 50/50 that had that much rear traction that it was impossible drive without opposite lock, i stupidly sold it to a bloke in alaska and have regretted ever since. I am now preparing to purchase a long wheel base DIB to run alongside my enRoute JXR, and am keen to see how yourself and the guys in japan will run them, so im looking forward to your posts about your new one, keep up the good work!


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