Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Having the ability to charge 4 batteries at once with my Hitec X4 AC Plus is fine, but having the 4 batteries to charge is another.

Having to dispose of my batteries before international travel was a big $ impact. I've replaced my beloved Yokomo 2800 short packs with the only thing I can find.

Underneath the label, These cheap Turnigy 4.2 short packs complete my set, while still 5mm thicker than I'd like, they will have to do.

We all know RC drift hardly even challenges a battery's reserve. With full throttle application barely 10% of any lap, so these batteries should give me a 3 hour run time / charge window spread across all my chassis.


  1. Oh, wow. Leaving all your batteries in Japan must have been pricy.
    I just carried them into checked luggage in Li-po bag. Same did most of YIDM visitors and D1-10 visitors.
    I also brought Tamiya spray paint from japan, but that's another story :-)

  2. Well,

    Whenever I travel I usually have hassle over the most minor things.
    I've been held up for the smallest things in the past.
    I'd rather my friends keep them in their swag.

    replacements were under $150

  3. I love your new battery labels, they look awesome!~

    1. Thanks. White was not the first choice. I wanted chrome, but they came out well.
      ps charger is also matching.

  4. Those packs are 25mm thick. Will that be touching the upper deck on the DRB? I have wanted to switch to the shorty packs, but, I couldn't find any hard case packs that would not touch the upper deck of the DRB...

  5. Yes, @ 25mm they are not ideal at all.

    You can add a spacer to the deck to avoid this issue. I run a Kazama motor mount spacer that is an extra 1mm anyway , so I have just enough room.

  6. i run the 4200's in my drb with kazama mount with no issues :)

    been running them for a while. love turnigy. cheap and last forever


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