Friday, November 1, 2013

GCRC - Almost Halloween.

Tonight, I decided to dial in the EVO with the 2.2CS setup. Tommi likes any forest.

I'm now at full lock for about 80% of the lap. the car is easily drivable on and off throttle. Loving it! the MST rims look awesome also.

 A few more stickers added to the GCRC MST VIP XXX-D

It's looking pretty tough.

the lights made this image a bit dark.

the lights on this are really bright.  Use the force.!

The Matt colours always reflect well. As it was Halloween last night. I thought this is as close as Death would come.

 Who knew? Death drives a skyline.

the real pilot is enjoying the DRB. now at 2.9CS!!

This car belongs to Death's Brother.  I think Mustangs are made by FoMoCo, aren't they?

While the engine placement and size are incredibly innaccurate, it somehow still pulls off the desired look.

Get out of the way!!


Ol' school sliders! I love this shot.

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  1. Nice shots. Love the FD of course, the Mustang not so much.


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