Saturday, December 21, 2013

Asamoto FD Debut.

 A couple of Sunny Sunday shots before hitting the track.

Thanks for all the nice words about this body. feedback is very positive.

This shot is AWESOME. In the RE-Fuel Garage.

I still need a few minors like Dolphin tail exhaust and some realistic l 

 Rear window is reserved for my own style. RE^AU, GCRC, PV adorn this Pandora / Active Hobby / Speed Way Pal / Yokomo / Hpi / Kazama body. +3 Yokomo NT-03 Rims are sitting on 8mm Hub with a further 1mm spacer. I'm using stretched RC-ART Derive HDPE tyres.

See you on track.


  1. Great tribute shell! Looks amazing man, can't wait to see some action shots!

    1. I'm loving this thing. Can't stop grinning.It works too. the big wing generates good downforce along with the splitter. My old Pandora missile is similar but this has better balance.

  2. Nice pictures Russell but they don't do that body justice once seen in the flesh.
    Absolutely stunning.

    1. Thanks. deep colours like these always change in different light. i need a sunset picture.


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