Monday, December 16, 2013

Wheel Clearance! -SOLD OUT

Yo yo! It's time to clear out some rims y'all.

You know you want them.

First up are these totally meaty deep dish Speed Way Pal Panasport G7-C8R in Black +10 offset.

Rims are pretty much unused and I fitted some used Spice carpet tyres. $35

Next up are some special items.

these are display only tyre set with some slightly used Top Line Speed Works RS Watanabe Offset +9 in semi gloss black plastic.

Used for display only! You may have seen them on some RWB machines.

Tyres from Street Jam and are unused compound is soft from memory but I can't remember.

Idlers logos are sprayed with a template.

the tyres are 2x 45 degree stretch and 2x 60 degree stretch.


Next up we have some HPI BBS rims LP 35 +9 Fronts and LP38 +12 Rear

They are painted black. Fitted with Advan Neova T-Drift LP35 and LP38 tyres.

You can see the 3mm difference here.

New and unused.


Whats next...

You won't find these in many places. Option No 1.  5 double spoke rim in transparent chrome blue.

These are mated to some unused polycarbonate Speed Wal Pal tyres. +10 but more like +12


Finally just some top line Drift Fightter Jupiter +12 in Matt black (with a bit of dust.)

Used once.


all plus post. about $7 I think or pick up at GCRC.

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