Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

2013 Summary. I can't believe I've done all this in 2013.

Body RE-Xtreme D-Like Typhoon Chrome 86.
Chassis RE-Xtreme Yokomo Samurai DIB 275 + Keyence
Diorama RE-Xtreme RE-Park
Body RE-Xtreme Yokomo Mark X 275
Body RE-Xtreme Yokomo Mark II 275 with Powervehicles.
Chassis RE-Xtreme Yokomo Typhoon Drift Package DP- Rear wheel Drive (build)
Diorama RE-Xtreme Podium
Body RE-Xtreme Tamiya Spirit R FD3s RX7
Body RE-Xtreme ABC Hobby Lancer Evo III Makinen Dori
Body RE-Xtreme HPI S2000 open drift.
Chassis RE-Xtreme Overdose DRB Typhoon Upgrades
Body RE-Xtreme Tamiya Addiction RE-86 Rocket Bunny
Body RE-Xtreme Tamiya NF Spec FD3s RX7
Diorama RE-Xtreme RE-Fuel Garage
Body RE-Xtreme Pandora Active D1 fd3s Asamoto 2002 replica
Body RE-Xtreme PandoraSex Spec FD3s RX7

Add to this a new job, new location, frequent visits to the new GCRC Raceway with new techniques and new friends and acquaintances along the way.

2014 projects start with a home location move and some travel plans including Japan.

RC related projects will include some new bodies along the way. The Pandora FD "Black Edition", Mikuni FD,  D-Like FD RE-Amemiya Suenaga Replica.

RWD no gyro chassis completion

Whatever you do this year, do it to the extreme.

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