Monday, December 23, 2013

Sex Spec Series Seven - Start

"Sick As Sex Spec Series Seven Bro" .

Firstly... Let me say this is not my style at all, but the result is pleasing.  I'm just finishing off some bodies that I had laying around. This Pandora FD3s RX7 was going to be a full wide body, but the timing wasn't right.

So I thought a nice deep translucent purple might be nice as a for sale item.

Spray the purple.... I haven't had much luck with Tamiya PS paint on Pandora shells. the paint bubbles and doesn't stick straight away. even with ultra light coats.


damn what to do... I'd been talking to some buggy guys recently about paint effects and a thought quickly came to mind to save this shell.

The result was a very lucky save.

While not my usual style. I'll be placing this one for sale soon. I'll add some detail, but not to the level of my other bodies.

Stay tuned for the rest... now.. white line on the tyre sidewall. Sydney style.

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