Friday, December 27, 2013

GCRC Battles.

Well, Today was a day to drive my two "Legend" cars inspired by Awesome drivers.

The Tommi Makinen Evo III Drift Prototype installed on the DRB.

Ready for a modern day WRD World Rally Drift battle.

While not a 22B imprezza the GRb was more than capable.

There was a slightly modified line over the curbs, but it was a fun as the cars looked great on track.

The second battle was all D1 circa 2002~2004 Masatoshi Asamoto's Rx7 vs Ken Nomura's Skyline ER34

Dave's En Route JXR running the Blitz / Uras D1 Skyline.

My DRb returns to the Cwest DRFT Pan Speed Rx7.

Cool! Yes!

I matched the speed of my car to the JXR so we could get door to door and door to door we did get.

It woke me up.

Stay tuned for short video.

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