Thursday, December 26, 2013

RE-Xtreme Maintenance

Well, I finally got around to doing some maintenance. long long long overdue. A 3 hour session has things in order.

1. RC926 short belt for the 12T I'm using on the front. The slack in the belt I was using was making things a bit harsh up front. Tension is now correct and I can concentrate on the other things.

2. Dampers...

Can you tell which has been rebuilt? Yes the one on the left is dead. Nill rebound what so ever. Right side is back to perfection. 600 oil rebounding slowly with the Active hobby pistons I use on the front.

Oil was disgusting. Black... haha. Dust gets in there...   New oil in.

Everything cleaned, new o-rings installed and guides were also replaced as they were a little worn. 

left over crap for the trash.

3. Yokomo rear drive cups need replacing often on the DRB/DIBand Drift package FCD kits above 1.3 if you don't replace these often you'll be spending a heap more. especially if you use the brakes like I do.

4. hub pins replaced to reduce rear play. All adding up to make the smooth smoother.

5. Ball Bearings were cleaned and seated tight again. I had a lot of play in the front from the bearings not seating correctly. Mostly from the de-anodizing and polishing process.

Now tolerances are back to normal again, the front overdose steering lower ball joint is showing it's head as the last point of contention. I'll have to move to overhead adjustable ackerman asap.



  1. What make is that velcro body holder?

    1. this is Active Hobby. but they have been copied by many companies including eagle racing and R2 hobbies.


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