Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Meet you near the servo at GCRC!"

Arun was just filling up when i rocked up in the "Gorilla" FC3s...

Glen was getting some work done on the new S15.

Then the SR20 Team arrived.

Some reversed out back.

Others took longer to find a spot.

temporary while we chatted.

The others continued to roll up. Finally my team mate arrived in the Hayward Rotary 3 rotor Skyline.

And others who wanted to make that grand late entrance.

After a quick re-arrange. we were all parked up.

Slight difference in ride heights.


And stance

But somehow all these machines look fantastic.

good to see everyone again.

I like this shot of S13 tucked away. It's kind of like that "Perfect Sunday Only' car kept out the back of the shop.

After we all fixed out mirrors... haha. it was time to head out for some action.

for the straglers. there was some catching up to do while others needed some more work doing.

Thanks for the space at GCRC.

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