Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pan Speed Asamoto FD3s D1 2002 Replica. Update #7 Mount

I've mounted the Enkei NT03 but there is an issue. Offset.

Even with 9mm rear hub. the +3 Offset Yokomo Rims only push out to +8 which while OK, is not really enough for me. I need a little more for shock clearance at full lock. But they will be used.

I've been watching the development of this car for a long long time. from old battle magazine days. Before this however, Masatoshi Asamoto was part of the Marionette drift team with Drift Samurai Imamura, Fukuda and a Wakamatsu. Pioneers of awesome craziness from the early days of D1.

I found some Prodrive GC-05 which are a dead ringer for AVS5 rims so I will run these as alternatives with +9+5 these should be wide enough. hehe. I have some other White MST RID +8 that may fir the bill for realistic looking mix of the two.

So it's nearing completion. My tribute to a legend continues.

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