Saturday, December 14, 2013

GCRC AE86 Matsuri!

Mid-morning the beasts started arriving. D1, Hard Tune and Street Spec all represent.

Megan Racing Turbo AE86 and some clutch kickers.

I like to imagine the Tomei 86 is running a hi comp 4AGE around 215hp and weighs about 750kg.

A few more started arriving.

Soon the twins started hooking in.

and soon were joined by this apex gt.

Slide style.

It's always cool when the track is full of the same type of car.

Hey who put this ford in the way!?


First lineup.

A nice array.

All cool in their own way.

A couple more joining the array. for some hooniganning

 AE86 Slide by.

into the garage for a wheel change. R3R D1 Spec Switch from Work S1 Miesters to Gulflame.

I droped the Rays G25 for Rays 37R

No shots but there was some serious close laps from some of us (including me who cant drive and shoot) Maybe video coming.

 Lapping in the zone!

Formula D Style.

And then it was over.

Sorry to the other guys who brought their other machines. they syill looked great out there, but I didn't take many shots.

I'm liking this R32 4 door recently. 

I wish I had 15 year Old reflexes like the driver!!!

A great afternoon.

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