Sunday, December 22, 2013

GCRC 2013 Final

A very busy sunday session. It's hard to fit everything into a 4 hour session. But we try.

Tony's new D-like RX8 was looking pretty cool! Missile grey and tri-spoke complementing the RE-Amemiya bodywork. Front protector is an interesting idea.

His FCD 2.6x DRB moved out onto the circuit. I manged to grab some shots of it sliding past my Xmas tree.

One of the smoothest machines. I need help to get my DRB this smooth.

He had provided some new additions to the diorama also. A couple of bikes and some trash cans.   

I love this pic so I'll show it again.

It was fun running with our interstate visitor. Some nice tandems and a few trains including the 4 door machines looked great!

Ridwan sneaked the 180 into the shots.

Engine detail is cool! always a pleasure to see this Koguchi Power Machine.

Sneek peek.

Lots of RWD action today.

With the other guys sliding around on track.

it was soon time to put the camera down.

And get stuck into some sliding.

Father & Son, Dirft in the DNA.

Green lantern!

So I had to hand over the FD to "the benchmark" for photography.

I've got a lot of hours invested in this one. and it's great to see it on track.

Just the image I was after.

I tried to drive it a bit more agressively, just like Asamoto would have. 

There was a lot of this today! Yeah baby!

Note to self. Kazama light set requires me to "turn it on EVERY TIME"

Thanks to all for the awesome drifting in the past 6 months and a HUGE thanks to GCRC for creating an awesome venue in 2013.

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