Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pan Speed Asamoto FD3s D1 2002 Replica. Update #6?

oooooooooh yeah! Instantly recognizable.

Sticker set really lifts this machine to D1 level. (albeit when D1 was in it's infancy)

Can't wait to rock this machine at GCRC.

Now I need another intercooler and the details... yaaa!!!! more work.

Huge thanks to Ben Cikarouski. Couldn't do it without the help. OOHA!


  1. Glad to help and it's turned out perfect!

    1. Ben, Thanks man. Big Smile on my dial. Not much to do to it.

      Only Intercooler, Dash, Pipe, lights, Change the rear wing to white. and re-inforce the sucker.


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