Thursday, December 12, 2013

Drift Package DP-B & DP-C

They're back. My first drift machines. Now for sale.

When  I started drifting I had this chassis. I actually never used it much. And I have since bought three more and a type C conversion kit.

One is now Rear wheel Drive pictured right and one is Full Tune Overdose alloy and Carbon.

So that leaves one and 2 halves remaining. Ive since fitted some components I had from other versions. The new steering components are really a good upgrade.

Originally I tried the normal 7deg plastic hubs and FCD 1.5 gear. Slowly I modified it just like Yokomo said to for Ketsukaki. But these days for someone looking to experiment with some Yokomo coolness these would be a good starting point indeed.

Currently this machine is as follows.

Yokomo MR4TC Drift Package Type B.
Yokomo FCD 1.5 rear spool
Yokomo Adjustable Spur Holder
Yokomo Front One way differential
Yokomo Alloy drive shaft
Yokomo 10 deg castor block
Yokomo Alloy Hub
Yokomo / Team Suzuki wide angle belcrank.
Tech Racing Drift Spec Shock absorber.
Front CVD rear / dog bone.

Basically this is a very solid and capable package.

Currently, I've loaded it with some old brushed electronics.  There's even a 27mhz controller / receiver Servo Yokomo brushed ESC and 5 Drift motors of different power.

and a stack of parts. 80% for another chassis. HPI Alloy shocks, a few sets of rims and more. including HPI running set including servo and ESC and an AE86 body.

to complete the second chassis, it needs a few things. It needs screws, a few bearings and small plastic suspension mounts.But its mostly complete.

I'll be cleaning these all up and prepping them for sale. So make an offer for the full set. I need them out of here.


  1. G'day Russ. I have just built a type b and have got the upgrade bug already. Is it worth going with the type c front end or just go with caster blocks and D121 knuckle. I'm thinking the type c path will be verrrrry expensive?

    1. type C has pros and cons.

      I thin the type B is fine for a basher.

      My "premium" SSG drift Package only has type B parts. For over 45 deg both are effective.

    2. OK, thanks Russ, awesome site too!

  2. What are you trying to get for all of it?

    1. This is sold. Thanks for your enquiry.


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