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RE-SPEC 2013 Final - Whats under the shell?

My Hidari Maru S14 can fit most chassis. But what do mine look like these days.

Well my Yokomo DRB has evolved during the year to become one of the "ultimate" chassis.

Big mods for this year started with the Team Suzuki alloy arms. and of course the Overdose chassis plates. Moving to the flexible chassis had pro's and cons but I think the result i have achieved is pretty special.

other changes include increases in countersteer ratio from only 1.5 all the way to 2.2.

 Finally the motor has reduced in RPM to a 17.5T as the main surface use is polished concrete. Thanks GCRC for a wonderful venue!

This chassis can be fast or slow, accurate or loose. it's very tunable to different bodies and I love it!

I also like the MST rims that came out this year. I have about 6 sets of them and they are performing well.
I love nothing more that getting a few laps of tight tandem and with this chassis it's definitely possible.

Plans for the next year are adjustable ackerman, more angle from the front with real TN universals and use of a Kazama or Vertex adjustable pulley holder for CS up to 2.5. I'd also like to set up some brake calipers on this. But options are limited.

The rest is maintenance. Overdose shock inserts, titanium shock shafts and small upgrades for perfection.

Recently some people asked about price.

A few comments about cost. DRB is basically $600 with one way and rear FCD gear. Add pulleys, drive shafts, knuckles, suspension arms, springs, oils, steering components and you are easily over $1000. Overdose chassis plates are discontinued but basically add over $200. Replace all the bearings, add titanium screw sets, then start on the small pulleys and small things add another $200. then electrics are about $450. so well into the $2000 without a controller. $220 for that. so for about $2500 you can walk into something similar. Thats a good set of golf clubs or a 1/2 decent road bicycle. This was a work in progress over time so I didn't notice all the cost at the same time. This chassis has done about 500~800 hours!!! on track with only very few issues. It's taken some massive impacts, but maintenance is the key to continued enjoyment. I'm at the point where I need to replace a few things from wear, but I think that's natural. I've replaced almost everything but there's method in the madness.

Full Spec.

Yokomo RE-DRB SSG Overdose Typhoon Spec 2.2 (December 2013 Spec)

Yokomo DRB Hyper Drive Chassis Kit
Yokomo Polished Alloy Hyper Drive Bulkhead
Kazama Motor Mount Spacer
Yokomo Polished Alloy Aluminium Servo Mount
Yokomo Titanium Hex Screw set
Yokomo Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles
Yokomo Polished Alloy Ball joints
RC Square silver lock nuts.
Yokomo 2/3 Size Battery Holder
Yokomo Polished Alloy Battery Spacer
Yokomo SSG DIB Shock Towers 
Overdose SSG Chassis Set (Upper and Lower Deck)
Overdose Polished Alloy Ackerman Steering Arm Set
Overdose Silver Servo Saver Arm
Overdose Silver Spur Holder
Overdose Silver Shock Adjusters
Overdose Silver Antenna Holder
RE-Xtreme Steering pin update.
RC926 3mm Alloy Wheel Hub
MST 5mm Wheel Lock nuts.
Eagle Racing Velcro Body Mount
RC Square Alloy Front Body Mounts &  RC Square Body Pin Set  (comp)

Drive Train:
Yokomo Polished Alloy BD5 Front One Way Axle Link
Yokomo Polished Alloy FCD 1.5 Rear Rigid Axle
RC926 4mm Belt set  Yokomo 3.5mm drive belt set Front and Rear (Spare)
18T Blade Racing Rear Centre pulley and larger guide bearings
12T En Route Front Centre Pulley
RC926 4mm belt
22T Yokomo Pinion
88T Kawada Spur Gear
Yokomo Polished Alloy 16T Tensioner Pulley Link
RC Square Axle +4mm thread
Overdose 44mm Universal Shaft (Front)
RC Square 42mm Universal Shaft (Rear)

Team Suzuki polished alloy suspension arms.
Overdose Polished Alloy  8 degree castor / camber C Hub & Knuckle Set
Yokomo Polished Alloy Rear Hub Carrier 0.5 Degrees Toe in
Yokomo Polished Alloy Suspension Mount Set
              Front : 0 Degrees (FF)
              Rear : 0 Degrees(FF)
Yokomo Polished Alloy Chassis adjustment spacers
                FF Spacer - 1mm
                RF Spacer - 3 mm

Yokomo Polished Alloy Shock SS Size
Overdose Damper Adjuster rings       
              Front: Active damper slow-rebound pistons.
              Rear :Yokomo 3 hole
Yokomo Shock Oil             
              Front: 700
              Rear : 200
RC926 Twin Spring Set
               Front: Super Soft / Soft
               Rear: Ultra Soft / Ultra Soft

Alignment Setting:
              Front : 2 degree Toe Out
              Rear : Polished Alloy Suspension Mount Set FF 0 Degrees
              Rear : 0.5 degrees Toe in
              Front : 10degrees
              Rear : 5 degrees
Ride Height
              Front : 4.5mm
              Rear : 4.5mm

Keyence Brushless Set
  Keyence Tachyon ESC (Silver Carbon)
  Keyence Luxon KG 17.5T Motor (Polished Silver case)

Keyence TAO Aggressive Drive Controller (SR Shine Red)
   Brake Power 24%
   Neutral Brake Power 14%
   Forward Speed 100%
   Reverse Speed 50%
   Drive Frequency 2KHz
   Brake Frquency 2KHz
   Neutral Brake Frequency 2KHz
Direct Euro Battery Connectors
Kawada Motor Connectors
Keyence Wire
Active Luxon KG heat Sink Cover polished

Sanwa MT-4 2.4Ghz 4ch Proportional Radio Control System with Telemetry (heat and RPM)
Sanwa RX-451 Receiver 
Sanwa SRG-BL Steering Servo

Charger and Battery
Hitec X4 Multi Charger

RE-Xtreme Power LiPo - 2/3 size Turnigy 4200mAh 60C LiPo Batteries x2

Eagle Front Body Mounts

Lets move on to the Drift package. 

Starting with a "very well used" $75 drift package with Stage 3 Options was a good choice. Last year I completed this machine and while I have a few parts to go on, it's basically complete and set up for a high power asphalt track. CS 2.0 and long travel suspension are great for bumpy bitumen streets.

 I don't use this shaft drive much, so recently I swapped the electronics temporarily for my drift Package rear drive thats currently under construction.  

It takes about 30 minutes to swap components tween the two drift package machines, so it's almost ready to go at a moments notice.

Recently in late 2013, there have been so many overdose parts released that tempt me to change the SSG and replace those final plastic parts where the threads are "just hanging in in there", but they are so expensive. I may be using option no1 parts on the minor non-performance components.

in 2014, maybe some overdose KPI front knuckles will complement the Overdose rear knuckles I have, that are yet to be fitted. I'd like a team bomber silver carbon front post support like the DRB and replace the street Jam one.  

But those are minor and un-necessary. This monster is heavy, slideable and usually finds itself under the WIDE S14 with +12 offset rims and literally on the street.

So 2 out of 3 blinged chassis.

The DRB 275 with CS 2.3 is the last machine.

Changes this year have included full alloy conversion. Upgrade 1&2 from Yokomo, rear Kazama hubs, and R2 alloy suspension arms and battery clamps have proven to be ok.

I also wasn't liking the silver and red look so I went for a chassis wrap in black carbon and a bomb on the bottom deck.

 My driver's arms are in maintenance.

Do I like the DIB275... not really. I'm finding the bodies made by yokomo are not looking great. long=yes and Wide = no. so they look wierd beside other bodies that are long = no and  wide = yes.

If the yokomo Mark II (which has a widebody kit that doesnt look wide) was 200 mm instead of 190. I may be happy. so plans for this chassis revolve around the body. I will be changing the bodies to get more WIDE look.

If I'm not satisfied, I'll be heading to a private garage rear motor conversion back to 260mm and crazy CS in the 3.5 region.

So with RWD my main focus with a test Drift Package, 2014 may see focus on this chassis. RC926 and overdose may be implemented but that depends onthe success of what you see here. The concept is shaping up well but it's far from complete and usable. "Ganbarimasu!"

With these cars near complete. I guess December 2013 checkpoint is a good chance for reflection. Since July, I've been going pretty full on, so over Xmas and new year. I'll have a few body projects to complete and then pack up because I'll be moving house again. Ahh yes, real life stealing my RC money. Then in March i'm off to Japan for a bit of fun.

Who knows what the new year will bring. New directions are coming.

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