Friday, April 25, 2014

GCRC Attack Part 2 - Perspective.

It is awesome to have someone else on my camera.

I definitely can't take these myself, so ...

I'm pretty rough these days so when someone puts a little care into the imagery, the results speak  for themselves.

Captureall the elements. Speed...  Angle




 And reality.

 Heading onto the straight... the angle come off a little.

My DRB is ripping it recently.

It allows me to do this. regularly...

Team Orange Style.

Going hard on initiation.

Then an awesome line through the sweeper.

And dropping back onto the straight. Gotta make room.

Sliding Battle Junkies... yes

Deep Deep Deep through the hairpin. Out clip all the way!

Love this shot as we straighten out of the hairpin.

I'm a bit too far inside here. Drop back, When you are in this position, its a tough balance to get back to the B pillar.

Serious attack here. Maybe a small mistake up front but I'm sure the correction was quick to come. 

 You can't get this close unless your cars are similar. R34 is Tamiya VDF with Eagle Conversion @ CS 2.9. RX7 is Yokomo DRB @ 3.3. Both run 17.5T but we always adjust our power and grip to be almost the same.

Asamoto Style. 

I have sold my silver RX7, but when it turns up on track, It is still making an awesome image.

This SSG DRB is CS 3.0 setup for a little more stability.

But still achieves those awesome slidebys. 

Huge Shout Out to Mr Frener.

Awesome Imagery.


  1. Wow, great post, great driving, and great photography!
    Really looks like you guys are having an absolute blast at GCRC these days.
    Those tandems are just perfect!!! Love it.
    I can't wait for the day I'm able to take action pictures as well haha =(

    1. My photography is pretty lazy these days. It's good to have someone who can contibute to RE-Xtreme.

      GCRC surface is awesome. the speed is slow compared to carpet but it means you can really get close and have fun.

  2. Russ can you please tell me what brand is that orange R34.thank you


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