Sunday, April 13, 2014

GCRC Sunday.

Can't take pictures when you are driving! Shame because today was 4 hours of drift train! Woo Hoo!

By the time I'd actually brought out the camera. Most had disappeared.

At this point I ripped out the Red DRB and changed the gear ratio. I'll be doing more in this area.

With the 21.5T producing some awesome super low speed drift, It was a lot of fun actually.

But it will need speed to compete with the masses.

These bodies started out the same. but ended up a little different. Mad body kits are in style but depending on your choice you have to change your driving style.

The Yokomo GP Sports RPS13 180sx is one of these machines. Aerodynamically, its one of the best.

 On a huge track this thing works very well. But somewhere like GCRC where wall riding is the main adventure.

The front and rear overhangs on these mean you cannot follow so closely. I call it a cross between Barry Manilow and Jenifer Lopez. Big nose and large shapely rear.

You have to leave that extra 3-4 cm of space.

If you look at the right of this picture. at 45 degrees, there is almost ZERO overhang on the 86. As the wing clears the fences, you can wall slide right up to the tail lights.

Try that in a Gp sports 180 and you will hit the wall.

It's still fun to try.

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