Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goo Shot!

Combining a Pandora RC Fd3s with a HPI Stage D kit has no instructions. D.I.Y

As the shapes are a little off, it's hard to decide which line you follow. the door line of the pandora or the side step line of the HPI.

Most work revolves around positioning the wheelbase. forward or back? I've tried to pull the wheel base back.but it really is like mating a cow and a horse. "Udderly Horserendous"

The Pandora Fd is also very high in the side. So as well as lowering the car, Ive lowered the body also.

First goo shot went on the bumper. An item that doesn't quite match even on the pandora.

I've trimmed right around the bottom for fitment of a Yokomo body mounted diffuser.

Right now I'm deciding how much to pump the rear fenders.

I might leave the rear open (for smoke escape of course) and I can also lower the stance more without issue.

this is the FD of Death after all. It will be driven by a hooded "Grim Reeper."

Definitely tuning will come from RE-Amemiya and R-Magic

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