Friday, April 25, 2014

GCRC Style

the GCRC Podium come in handy for some high contrast shots.

The Circuit Owner of course wanting some pictures for keeps.

 The HUGE dump pipe adds to the imagery.

 This MST VIP XXX-D FD3s RX7 has a certain race car look and feel. With the GCRC off-road race course, we have to work hard to change the "Racer's" Line when the fast guys turn up.

 I tried a few shots with the reeper.

still yet to decide a wheel selection.

TOP LINE do look cool!

in black or white.

New Updates on the S13. 

Small rims looking awesome.

Aussie Style. Registered for the street.

Sponsored by UGG Boots. Aussies know all the references here.

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